Term and Condition
  • NIRVORSHOP.COM always keep the original product information as manufacturer companies. Somehow it could be mistaken unwillingly. In that case, if you find any mismatch between manufacturing company information and our website information then inform us as soon as possible. Send a photo of our product and also send a photo of the product information to our given email address. We’ll take care of it as early as possible.
  • Please note that only ordering of a product through our website is not the final confirmation. You’ve to wait for a call from our team member. They’ll call you after getting your order information. They’ll talk to you for details like product availability, product specification, total price and delivery information.
  • Sometimes if your ordered product is not available in our store and you already confirmed it we’ll wait for the next shipping date to deliver you at the shortest time. But, if it’s still very late to deliver to you NIRVORSHOP.COM has the right to cancel your order.
  • When some products are not available in our store you still can order that product. Then, it would be counted as pre-order. You can pre-order a product giving the payment in advance. We’ll get back to you whenever it get stored again.
  • Normally it takes 10 to 15 days to deliver the pre-ordered products. You’ve to wait these days for sure. If it goes beyond your patience we’re ready to refund your money. We’re always take care of your concern.
  • Product price could be changed any time. It depends on the global economy, manufacturer conditions, shipping cost etc. So, double check the price before you order. The price given in our website is the final price.
  • If you have any concern regarding our product, delivery, service and relevant things then you’re requested to inform us as soon as possible. We’ll take care of any kind of concern with the highest priority.
  • It’s not acceptable if you inform consumer rights authority before informing us about any kind of concern of your satisfaction.
  • NirvorShop has the right to change or modify their terms and conditions anytime.
  • NirvorShop is committed to deliver your product with the highest priority. To meet your delivery date sometimes we need to deliver products via third party courier service companies. In that case, some products delivery might be delayed or your products might be lost. You’ve to wait until we solve these issues. Delivery would be delayed from the expected date. We need your cooperation.
  • In case of receiving product directly from our store please call us and be confirmed that your expected product is available in our store. A simple confirmation can save your time and afford for sure.
  • Based on device verities and resolution differences same product image might be different in your devices. This illusion may create deviations between the product image uploaded in our website and the real product you get in your hand.



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